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. : Frequent Asked Questions : .

Cool designs! How much is it? How do I pay?
Each shirt costs RM30 (subject to delivery charges, that vary with location). Our designs are printed on 100% cotton Regular(M,L,XL) and Baby tees(M [S] ,L [XS]). So what you see is what you get. More final photos will be uploaded to ensure your trust. Payment is to be made via our Maybank Bank account:
Ng Qi Xiang

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we do but there will be additional shipping charges, that vary with location.

What color are your tees?
All designs are true to display. If a white background is shown, the design is printed on a white tee. Basically every shirts comes in two colors, choose properly as to save time and money =P

Why is it so expensive? Can it be cheaper ah?
Sad to say that but No.

Just joking, comparing Tshirts on the market our prices are reasonable with the quality that is given, but Yes, we do grant discounts if you purchase more than one tee. Each pair of tees goes for RM 50. So don't wait and Come get your very own Milk Tee.

Can i Buy in BULK? Or Custom Made My Own.
HELL YEAH!!!! lol, we encourage peeps to buy in bulk or as much as possible. We do supply to stockist and boutique. Contact us for further info! For custom-mading part, pls contact me for more info. FYI, custom made only applicable for amount at least 70 pcs.


. : Stock Clearance : .

As we are making way for our new Wave 2 designs, we hereby announcing stock clearance promotion for our remaining Wave 1 designs. Feel free to order from us!
RM30 for 2

. : Featured by KennySia : .

Hi there,

We are proud that kenny was one of our satisfied customer.

Thanks Kenny!

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Milk Tee

. : Our Very Own Shots : .

In order to produce a much more professional Catalougue and advert, we had our shots last week. I Hereby share some of the shots with you guys.

Warmest regards,
Milk Tee
Dear all,

All the Stocks had officially passed Quality Check and arrived at my place! Feel free to contact us for orders. Milk it!

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Milk Tee